Waldorf Education - Reference - Family Guide

Waldorf Education: A Family Guide

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I am often asked to describe Waldorf education "in a nutshell." Because of the scope of the subject, this is a nearly impossible task!

Waldorf Education: A Family Guide is bigger than a nutshell but offers a great introduction to Waldorf pedagogy and attempts to answer the question "What is Waldorf education?"

Often referred to as "Waldorf 101," this volume offers an introduction for parents and educators to the history, philosophy, curriculum, practices and traditions of the fastest growing independent school movement in the world.

A collection of articles by prominent Waldorf educators, parents and other experts includes the history and practices of Waldorf education. Subjects include:

  • Waldorf Curriculum, Grade-by-Grade
  • Celebrating Festivals
  • How to Bring Waldorf Into Your Home
  • Understanding the Temperaments

Beautifully designed and filled with illustrations and a wealth of helpful content, this classic introduction to Waldorf education also contains a bibliography and a directory of Waldorf-related resources.

Edited by Pamela Johnson Fenner and Karen Rivers. Contributors to Waldorf Education: A Family Guide include:

  • Joan Almon
  • Henry Barnes
  • John Davy
  • Joseph Childton Pierce
  • Betty Staley
  • Eugene Schwartz
  • René Querido
  • Carol Petrash

A must-have for any anyone seeking a lively and comprehensive introduction to Waldorf Education!

Softcover, 221 pages

  • SIZE : 10" x 8" x .5"
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