Nickel Candle Snuffer

Nickel Candle Snuffer

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Our intricately-designed Nickel Candle Snuffer allows one to gently snuff a candle while keeping one's hand away from the flame. 

Often used in Waldorf education, candle lighting is a beautiful way to mark the transitions of the day. Whether at mealtime, story time, or bedtime, lighting a candle and gently snuffing it out afterwards establishes a mood of gratitude and reverence. 

Enjoy a little verse with children as candles are lit: 

Fire spirits, fire sprites,
Share with us your golden light.
Come for us our candle light.

Once you have snuffed the candle, watch in wonder as the "smoke fairies" fly away!

This graceul Candle Snuffer makes a thoughtful gift that will be enjoyed daily for years. This candle snuffer is also a nice addition to our Waldorf Birthday Ring Set.

Note: use only with adult supervision

  • MATERIALS : Nickel
  • SIZE : 9.5 x 1.5 inches long
  • ORIGIN : Made in India
  • GIFT BAG : GIFT BAGS are available for this product.

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