Wooden Toy Dish Set
Wooden Toy Dish Set
Wooden Toy Dish Set
Wooden Toy Dish Set

Wooden Toy Dish Set

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When I first began teaching in a Waldorf school, I furnished our play kitchen area with little china tea sets picked up at yard sales. I figured that if they broke, they could be easily and inexpensively replaced. Well, they were constantly breaking and it seemed we were forever sweeping up broken pieces of toy dishes!

Then I bought one of these beautiful, handcrafted Wooden Toy Dish Sets. Not only was there no more breakage, but because these play dishes are so safe, I could even use them with babies and toddlers in my Parent/Child classes.

These dishes were in constant use for the next ten years. They are now burnished to a beautiful finish and still being enjoyed in my successor's classroom.

I considered this dish set to be one of most essential and valued items in my classroom, and am pleased now to be able to introduce them to families inspired by Waldorf education.

This beautifully made set of wooden tableware is handcrafted by a Waldorf toymaker in California, the inventor of the famous Waldorf Play Clips!

Each set includes a plate, cup and saucer. Two sets allow tea with a friend, and four sets are enough for a tea party or entertaining company!

Finished with natural beeswax and linseed oil.

  • SIZE : Plate is 6" and saucer is 4" in diameter. Cup is 2" tall.
  • ORIGIN : Made in United States

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