Meet The Makers: Sawdust and Rainbows

Meet The Makers: Sawdust and Rainbows

Sawdust and Rainbows is a family owned and operated company in Northern Ireland. We chatted with the founder Rosie about running the business with her husband Aidan and how their son Reuben was the inspiration behind it all. 

We're thrilled to be the exclusive sellers of their beautiful, handmade products here in the United States!

Tell us about what daily life is like for you in Ireland?
I guess daily life here is much the same as anywhere else, just maybe wetter. We’ve always lived in Northern Ireland so we've grown used to never being far from everything. We live outside a small village surrounded by farmland. On a normal day we get up, get the pets sorted and Reuben dressed, then it's off to nursery for Reuben and off to the workshop for hubby and myself.

What inspired you to create Sawdust and Rainbows?
Our son Reuben who is about to turn 4. When he was a little over 1 year-old we were decorating for Halloween and all he wanted to do was climb our ladder, so we made him his own frame. I shared photos on parenting groups on Facebook and they wanted one too. A few months later, after safety testing and design tweaks, we launched Sawdust and Rainbows.

Rosie from Sawdust and Rainbows
Is there one product you are most proud of?
It has to be the Wee’UN, it's the frame to start the climbing journey. Just last week one mum shared how much it meant to her to have a Wee’UN. Her daughter had a rough start to life and she didn't think she’d ever see the day her daughter could stand, but with the Wee’UN she’s learning to pull herself up and support herself for a few minutes.

Where is everything manufactured?
This year we’ve moved to a workshop a few miles away from our home and everything is made here by us (Aidan, Andrew, James and Myself), previously everything was made in a shed in our garden.

Sawdust and Rainbows Workshop

Pikler Pieces - Sawdust and Rainbows
You’ve got a family operation! Who is involved in the company?
Everyone! My mum and aunt come and help paint, pack and look after Reuben. My brother David helps during the holidays, his housemate (James) also works holidays and weekends.

Sawdust and Rainbows - Ireland
What is your favorite thing about being a Mom?
The hugs. I love the hugs that just silence the world.

Tell us what a dream day off from work for you would consist of!
It would be a sunny day and we’d head to the beach! I love the sea, Northern Ireland has a lot of beautiful beaches and coastline.

Thank you Rosie! You can view the Pikler Triangle, Climbing Arch and Wooden Slide attachment from Sawdust and Rainbows exclusively at Bella Luna Toys!

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