Crafty Kits To Wrap Up Summer Break

Crafty Kits To Wrap Up Summer Break

Back to school is around the corner but summertime is still going strong! At Bella Luna Toys we love spending the summer months outdoors, but find some quiet time during the day to make and create is important all year long. To scratch that creative itch we've put together a list of our favorite craft kits to cross off your summer bucket list or add to your fall to-do.

Summer craft kits available at Bella Luna Toys

Stress-Free Creativity In A Box

Our Soapstone Carving Kits are the perfect way to wind down after a day in the sun. The kit includes everything you need to create your own stone bear, wolf, or cat. Plus more coming soon!

Soap Stone Carving Kit from Bella Luna Toys

Create your own bespoke cards with the Flower Paper Making Kit. This set comes with a simple mould and deckle, dried flowers and paper pulp. Once you get the hang of paper making you can turn your recycled mail into note cards all year long.

Flower Paper Making Kit from Bella Luna Toys

The Knitty Kitty Learn To Knit Kit teaches one of our all-time favorite first knitting projects in the Waldorf Kindergarten. A fun and informative kit that will leave you with a little kitty, stuffed with wool, and ready to snuggle.

Kitty Knitting Kit from Bella Luna Toys

Add some magic to your imaginary play with the Fairy House Building Kit. Turn the platforms into a cozy home fit for a fanciful winged creature, then add peg dolls for a fun afternoon of play.

Decorate the garden or entryway to your home with our Earth Flag Kit. Paint, glue or even hammer your designs to create a festive banner perfect for any season.

 Test your aim! Your miniature marksmen will enjoy spending an afternoon engineering a DIY Slingshot. Finish the day with a contest to see who can knock over the most cans in the back yard!

Express your artistic skills with our Carve-a-Stamp kit. Use the carving tools to design a set of special stamps- letters to spell your name, a cute mushroom or gnome. The possibilities are limitless.

Weaving is another classic Waldorf handwork lesson and we have a selection of looms for every skill level. Create a potholder, tapestry, or woven material to sew into a small bag or pillow. This calming activity is good for the mind and finger dexterity.

Dye a playsilk, apron, or canvas tote-our Natural Dye Kit is so versatile! Inside you'll find instructions on the natural dying process and the materials you'll need to get started.

We can't wait to see what beautiful magic you and your children create during our last weeks of summer. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and tag your work with #bellalunatoys for a chance to be featured on our feed. Happy Summer!


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