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Pentatonic Children's Harp - Kinder Lyre

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This beautiful Pentatonic Children's Harp is has been handcrafted in Sweden of solid maple wood and was designed by a Waldorf music specialist and maker of fine instruments.

His goal in designing this instrument was to create a pentatonic harp with a bright, clear tone enhanced by the tone of the maple.

Commonly used in Waldorf education, the pentatonic harp (also known as a kinderharp or lyre) is an ideal instrument for accompanying singing and stories with young children. Because every note is in harmony, there is no such thing as a wrong note, and when the harp is tuned properly, every note will sound beautiful. No musical experience or reading ability necessary!

It can be played by a parent or teacher for a child (wonderful to play at rest time or bedtime!), or gently and carefully played by children over three. We recommend that adults model playing the harp before giving it to a child to play, and supervising its use with children three and under.

This instrument is tuned in the seven-tone pentatonic scale: d’-e’-g’-a’-h’-d’’-e’’

Unlike some pentatonic lyres, this model has been designed with an opening large enough to allow it to be played with both hands simultaneously.

Includes tuning wrench and instruction manual with tips and tricks on how to use your instrument.

If you are inexperienced with tuning a stringed instrument, we recommend the use of an electronic tuner. The video below determines how to tune your harp.
  • SIZE : 7.87 inches high x 15.35 inches wide
  • MATERIAL : Solid European maple wood 
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  • ORIGIN : Made in Sweden
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