Wooden Thumb Piano Kalimba, Blue
Kalimba Thumb Piano Cedar
Kalimba Thumb Pianos, Colors, Purple, Pink, Blue
Kalimba - Thumb Piano
Kalimba - Thumb Piano

Kalimba - Thumb Piano

$ 29.00

The perfect instrument for someone who is "all thumbs!"

The kalimba is a traditional instrument that originated in African thousands of years ago. Also called a thumb piano or an mbira, this diminutive musical instrument is lightweight and portable, making it easy to take along anywhere.

Atop each kalimba are eight numbered keys made of tempered steel that have been cut and tuned by hand. Easy to play, simply hold the kalimba in your hands and pluck the tines with alternating thumbs. 

Our collection of beautiful handcrafted thumb pianos are available in either the pentatonic (5 note) or diatonic (7 note) scale, and in your choice of wood:

  • Blue Pine
  • Purple Pine
  • Pink Pine
  • Natural Cedar

Pentatonic instruments are used in Waldorf education for accompanying stories and puppet plays. The open-ended and harmonious tones calm children and add have a dream-like quality that's never loud or jolting.

Instruction book included.

Also see our Kalimba Songbooks which include easy-to-follow familiar songs such as "Happy Birthday," "You Are My Sunshine," and "Kumbaya" as well as a separate volume of Christmas songs.

  • SIZE : 6 x 3 x 2 inches
  • MATERIALS : Western Red Cedar or Stained Pine, Brass, Nickel-Plated Steel
  • ORIGIN : Handmade in United States
  • GIFT BAG : GIFT BAGS are available for this product.

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