Giant Play Silks - Silk Scapes
Silk Scapes Colors - Sarah's Silks
Silk Scapes by Sara's Silks - Package
Silk Scapes by Sarah's Silks, Rainbow
Silk Scape, Starry Night
Sarah's Silks Silk Scapes, Blossom
Silk Scapes by Sarah's Silks, Sea
Giant Play Silks - Silk Scapes
Giant Play Silks - Silk Scapes

Giant Play Silks - Silk Scapes

$ 60.00

These beautiful and generously sized Giant Play Silks from Sarah's Silks are ideal for draping over a pair of Waldorf playstands with wooden play clips.

Now available in your choice of five gorgeous color combinations:

  • Rainbow
  • Blossom (pink and lavender)
  • Fire (red and orange)
  • Sea (blue and green)
  • Starry Night

How else can colorful Silk Scapes be used? Some of the many possibilities include:

  • Make a bed canopy over a bed
  • Drape over two chairs to build a fort
  • Become the backdrop for a play
  • Create a hideaway
  • Hang in a doorway to make a puppet theater
  • To wrap oneself in
  • To run underneath while two people hold the ends

While silk fabric may not be recognized by many adults as a plaything, play silks are classic Waldorf toys—open ended, pleasing to the senses, and inviting imaginative play.

  • SIZE : 108 inches long x 35 inches wide
  • MATERIAL :100% silk
  • CARE : Wash by hand or machine (gentle cycle)
  • ORIGIN : Silk made in China; Hand-finished in the USA

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