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Waldorf Alphabet Letter Cards - English

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These illustrated Waldorf Alphabet Cards are no ordinary alphabet flash cards. These cards will make your child's introduction to reading and writing a true joy!

This gorgeous deck contains 48 beautiful English letter cards depicting each letter of the alphabet with a watercolor painting of an animal representing that letter.

Teachers and parents can create dozens of extension activities with this deck to help children learn the alphabet and to help lay a solid foundation for learning to write and read.

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These cards are so beautiful, you can also use them to decorate a child's room!

These illustrated Alphabet Cards were inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education, who taught that learning the qualities of letters forms the basis for all subsequent reading and writing skills.

Deck includes: A 3; B 1; C 2; D 2; E 3; F 2; G 2; H 2; I 3; J 1; K 1; L 2; M 2; N 2; O 3; P 2; Q 1; R 2; S 2; T 2; U 2; V 1; W 1; X 1; Y 1; Z 1

These decks of cards have been safety-tested to conform to strict E.U. and U.S. standards. 

The dyes used in their manufacture are certified to be non-toxic and non-hazardous to children.

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SIZE : Approximately 2.75" x 4"

  • ORIGIN : Made in Germany

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