28 Ways to Play and Learn in February

28 Ways to Play and Learn in February

February is here and it's time to celebrate love, Black heroes and icons, and the coming of Spring. Join in on these daily fun-filled activities that children of all ages can enjoy.

Bella Luna February Activity Calendar 2021

Download our February Activity Calendar Here.

1 Celebrate Black History Month

2 Learn a Candlemas verse

3 Paint a set of story stones 

Set of stones with cute paintings like a gnome, mushroom, and rainbow.

4 Have a flashlight dance party

5 Make heart suncatchers with kite paper

6 Paint a peg doll family

7 Write a poem about someone you love

8 Craft Valentine’s cards 

DIY pressed flower valentine cards

9 Make a menu and serve lunch like a restaurant

10 Needle felt hearts

11 Make a “Heart Tree” 

12 Bake and decorate sugar cookies

13 Make flowers from felt

DIY colorful craft felt flowers

14 Give someone a valentine

15 Make birdseed tree ornaments (story tutorial)

16 Learn to mend with needle felting

17 Decorate your own tote bag

18 Carve a stamp from an apple

19 Wet felt wool balls

Colorful wet felted wool balls

20 Write your own fairytale

21 Practice weaving 

22 Go on a treasure hunt

23 Make a felt crown

24 Plant an herb box

Marjoram and Basil planted in small cups

25 Craft a paper mache lantern

26 Learn a funny joke

27 Paint a picture of the full moon

28 Hunt for signs of spring on a walk

Hunt for signs of spring on a nature walk. Two children walking in the late winter.

Share your play with us on Instagram by using hashtags #BellaLunaCalendar and #BellaLunaToys. Happy February!

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  • Diana Tesni

    What a great list of activities! I’m sharing with the families of the Unitarian Universalist congregation where I work. Thank you for inspiring joyful play and a connection with the world.

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