The Best Gifts for 1 Year Olds

The Best Gifts for 1 Year Olds

On a child's first birthday, so much has changed and they are now actively engaging with toys and exploring the world around them. They are noticing sounds, beginning to walk and move, while still taking time for cozy and cuddly moments. The true gift of this year is to appreciate and introduce these little ones the wonder of the world around them.

1-year-olds are a whirlwind of movement, personality, and developmental growth, so finding the perfect gifts that will keep them engaged and learning through this pivotal year is an art form. The best gifts for 1 year olds encourage them as they take their first steps into the realm of exploration and growth. Whether it's engaging wooden toys that encourage imaginative play, or cuddly companions, we've compiled a list of our favorite gifts for 1 year olds for that milestone birthday, a special holiday, or just because.

Best Gifts for 1 Year Olds

Grimm’s Wooden Rainbow Cars

These 6 chunky wooden cars are the perfect choice for 1 year olds who are just starting to walk and they will be pushed across every floor and room in the house, for many years to come. The perfect size to be easily grasped by toddler's hands, these cars are handcrafted from sustainably-sourced lime wood and stained with natural, non-toxic colors that allow the natural beauty of the wood grain to shine through. 

Wooden Rainbow Tunnel - 6 Pieces

A Bella Luna Toys favorite, this Grimm's Spiel & Holz smaller rainbow is the perfect starting place as 1 year old's begin their journey through the wonderful wooden world of Grimm's creative building toys. 1 year old's will clang the shapes together and topple the pieces at first, but this toy will stay with them for years of building and open-ended play and become the foundation for tunnels, bridges, and so much more.

Organic Brown Floppy Teddy Bear

Could there be a more classic and endearing gift than a first teddy bear? And this heirloom quality Senger teddy bear is made from organic and safe materials, handcrafted, and made to be hugged and loved for generations. Made with outstanding attention to detail, this traditional and eco-friendly bear is waiting to become your child's best friend! 


A gift of playsilks is a gift that will celebrate open-ended sensory play for years to come. Whether you use a silk to wrap another present or as the featured gift, this simple silky square will transform forts, play peekaboo, and become a part of dress up play. We have a huge variety of playsilks to choose from and think every child should have a few of these in their toy chest.

Wishbone Mini Flip 2-in-1 Wooden Ride On and Rocking Toy

Keep your new mover and shaker, rocking and rolling with this ingenuous ride on toy that can be changed to a walker or rocker in minutes. This toy truly grows with children and will encourage movement, gross motor skills, and balance. Made in New Zealand, the Wishbone Mini Flip is one of our bestselling ride on toys and will keep 1 year old's on the move. 

The Original Pull Along Waddling Duck

This sweet wooden duck has been waddling behind toddlers and making them smile since 1954. This beautifully crafted toy, made from sustainably sourced wood in Germany by HABA, will be an heirloom for the next generation. This pulling toy encourages toddlers to pull and walk which helps develops spatial awareness, gross motor skills, balance, and sensory play.

 Natural Shape Sorter Box

Another classic wooden toddler toy, in a natural version, is this beautiful shape sorter box made in Poland from expert toymakers, Wooden Story. Shape sorter toys are essential early childhood tools as they encourage cognitive development as toddlers solve a challenge and begin to understand cause and effect and problem solving. 

Organic Little Dot Blanket Doll

Cuddly, soft, and a lovely gift for a 1 year old, these organic blanket dolls are a wonderful first introduction for young children to empathy and nurturing skills and are a wonderful friend to help soothe them to sleep. Each doll is handmade in the Waldorf tradition by expert doll makers in Germany from organic cotton with a natural wool filling.

Wooden Baby Walker

With two ‘headlights' that look like eyes, this cleverly-designed wooden walker from PlanToys allows toddlers to cruise, play, and learn to walk all at the same time! Toddlers can push the walker for a while then have a seat and start to build with the included 24 colorful blocks all made from sustainable wood. With a handle designed to adjust, this walker will grow with your child, making it a perfect gift for a 1 year old.

2-Step Wooden Step Stool

Let them help and be a part of the action because there's nothing your one year old wants more! This durable and sturdy wooden stepstool will match any space and wherever this Montessori-inspired step stool lands it will benefit your child’s development, allowing them to step into activities that inspire them.

At Bella Luna, we believe there is always a good time for a gift, whether it’s a birthday, a special celebration, a holiday, or just because, few things are more fun than giving a little one a gift that will make their eyes light up and will brighten their play and learning for years to come. Finding that special gift that will last and be a part of a child’s growth and play for many years is a lovely way to add joy and make a mark on your child, grandchildren, or loved ones. We are so grateful to be a part of these special moments and hope this gift guide helped to choose a just-right gift.

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