31 Days of Autumn Fun

31 Days of Autumn Fun

October has arrived! The leaves are crunching beneath our feet, and we are all looking around for our favorite Autumn activities. Back by special request we are re-launching our monthly calendars and there will be a fun or crafty activity for all 31 days of October. 

Whether you are decorating a spooky window, making spiderweb soup or working on your pumpkin fairy house, your Bella Luna calendar will bring rhythm to your families Autumnal days. 


Bella Luna Monthly Calendar



Explore our ideas below or download and print our calendar to hang up in your home! Follow along on Instagram for helpful videos and tutorials.


1 Make a playscape

2 Play a string game

3 Observe local wildlife

4 Make a chalk mural

5 Create spooky window decor

Halloween Window Decoration



6 Collect acorns

7 Try face painting

8 Bake bat-shaped cookies

9 Use a stick to make music

10 Make your own crayons

Handmade Crayons at Bella Luna Toys Blog


11 Learn about the Indigenous history of your town

12 Create a pumpkin fairy house

13 Make apple cider

14 Explore fall colors with red and yellow

15 Make a finger knit snake

Pumpkin Fairy House




16 Visit a pumpkin patch or go apple picking

17 Make a leaf rubbing

18 Draw on leaves

19 Read “Autumn” by Gerda Miller

Autumn by Gerda Miller


20 Make a spooky face out of loose parts

21 Scoop out a pumpkin to make a gooey sensory bin

22 Jump in a leaf pile

23 Press leaves between books

24 Make a leaf garland


Make a fall leaf garland

25 Decorate for Halloween

26 Make Spiderweb soup

27 Learn a fall verse

28 Make beeswax figures

Beeswax at Bella Luna Toys


29 Try on costumes

30 Have a Hallow's Eve scavenger hunt

31 Enjoy a Halloween treat!

Witch Costume at Bella Luna Toys


Share your play with us on Instagram by tagging @BellaLunaToys and using the hashtag #BellaLunaToys. Wishing you a crafty and cozy October!

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