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Two kids are dressed in play silks running through a field of flowers

31 Days of July Activities

Welcome to our July Waldorf Summer Activity Calendar! This month, we're diving into a world of imagination, creativity, and nature exploration designed especially for kids. Whether we're crafting with natural materials, storytelling under the shade of a big oak tree, or exploring the wonders of the summer garden, each day will be an opportunity for children to discover, grow, and create lasting memories. Let's embark on this magical journey together and make the most of the vibrant, sunny days of July.

July Calendar

Let's Get Started

July 1 - Learn About Dandelions

Did you know that these yellow flowers are edible from root to stem? See what else you can discover about these summer favorites.

July 2 - Make a Blueberry Dessert

Blueberries are a delicious summer treat! Try to make a simple blueberry crumble recipe inspired by the Blueberries for Sal book. 

July 3 - Paint a Color of the Day Watercolor Scene

Enjoy the day with a watercolor painting using Wednesday color of the day, yellow! Discover our watercolors HERE.

Watercolor painting

July 4 - Watch Fireworks

Enjoy the festivities and watch fireworks with friends and family today.

July 5 - Make Handmade Lip Balm

With the silky smooth olive oil and a hint of mint, this homemade lip balm makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one. Tutorial HERE.

Lip balm recipe

July 6 - Decorate Your Windows with Rainbows

Enjoy the sunshine and decorate your windows to let the rainbows in! See our Window Star tutorial HERE.

Waldorf star tutorial

July 7 - Go on a Walk

Enjoy the summer sunshine and go on a nature walk with friends!

July 8 - Go Stargazing

Summer nights are beautiful. Take a moment to gaze at the stars on a cool summer night.

July 9 - Make a Chalk Masterpiece

Have fun playing with chalk today and see what masterpiece you can create! See our chalk collection HERE.

July 10 - Build a Ball Run

Build, tinker, race, and roll! Marble runs are an ideal way to introduce concepts of structural engineering and stimulate spatial thinking while encouraging open-ended play and creativity. Have fun seeing what you can build!

Ball run

July 11 - Learn About Local Wildflowers

Flowers are blooming, take a walk and enjoy the views! See what you can learn about the local wildflowers while you explore.
July 12 - Create a Nature Journal

As you explore this summer, document your travels in a journal dedicated to your summer adventures.

July 13 - Learn to Say Hello in a New Language

Today, learn to say a few words in a new language!

July 14 - Have a Dance Party

Let's embark on this magical journey together and make the most of the vibrant, sunny days of July. Today, enjoy the sun and dance away!


July 15 - Learn to Fold a Star Lantern

Looking to add a little light to your nature table? Fold a Waldorf inspired origami star lantern! This is a wonderful way to recycle old watercolor paintings and transform them into pieces of art that liven up mantles, window sills, dinner tables, desks and more! Find the tutorial HERE.

Waldorf Star Lantern

July 16 - Paint a Terracotta Planter

Today take some time and paint a planter inspired by the book "The Tree Lady" with us. Check back here for the tutorial when live! Find the tutorial HERE.

A terracotta planter craft sits next to a wooden green rainbow and tree lady book with playsilks.

July 17 - Craft a Garden Fairy

This child-centered art activity helps to bring the book to life and creates play materials using sticks, dried flowers, egg cartons and paint. Enjoy crafting and playing together! Get the tutorial HERE.

Cardboard garden fairy craft

July 18 - Have a Calm Meditation Moment

Take a moment today to relax and unwind with a calm meditation moment.

July 19 - Make a Bee Shaped Necklace

Inspired by the book "The Honey Bee" make a bee shaped necklace with us! Check back here for the tutorial when live! Find the tutorial HERE.

Bee necklace

July 20 - Have Tea Time with Homemade Cake

Did you know a perfect tea time is complete with a tea cake? Serve up your earl grey tea in a cup AND a plate with a delightful earl grey tea cake, and celebrate tea time in style.

July 21 - Make Orange Peel Candles

Inspired by the book "The Sun Egg", make some orange peel candles with us! Get the tutorial HERE.

July 22 - Volunteer at a Local Aid Center

Take a moment and see how you can volunteer and get involved with a local aid center. With all the blessings we are often given, it is nice to give back! 

July 23 - Make a Different Country's National Dish

Today, take a moment to appreciate another country and culture by learning to make their national dish and understanding its importance. 

July 24 - Have a Family Game Night

This month is really about being together! There is almost no better way than sitting down and playing a game that is fun for the whole family. Need a little inspiration? Browse our curated collection of games HERE.

Wildcraft! Board game outside
July 25 - Create Your Own Cardboard Fairy Wings

Inspired by the book "The Butterfly Children", reuse your cardboard boxes to craft these beautiful wings to dress up and play this summer. Find the tutorial HERE.

A child wearing homemade cardboard buttefly wings.

July 26 - Craft Nature Wands

A scavenging stick (or nature wand) is a stick that tells a story of your wild adventures. It is stick that allows all of the treasures you have found to be displayed and used for magic or storytelling. Find the tutorial HERE.

Nature wands craft

July 27 - Bake a Fresh Loaf of Bread

Whether you are baking it as a gift, or for the family dinner table, sometimes the simple joys of the season is found within a fresh loaf of bread.

July 28 - Have Your Kids Make Breakfast

Let your kids get creative this morning but having them make breakfast!

July 29 - Draw with Beeswax Crayons

Take your crayons on an adventure today and see what you can draw along the way.

Beeswax crayons drawing a flower

July 30 - Make a Cloud Pillow

Inspired by the book "Lizzy & the Cloud" make this sweet and cozy cloud shaped pillow. Find the tutorial HERE.

Cloud shaped pillow with rainbow ribbons

July 31 - Create a Mandala with Loose Parts

The best way to relax is to unwind and arrange your loose parts into a mandala. See how many patterns you can create and document them!

Mandala on a wooden floor


From all of us at the Bella Luna Toys Team, we hope you have many days filled with crafts, love, and fresh cups of tea! Tag us in your July adventures @bellalunatoys for a chance to be featured!

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