Best Gifts for 5 Year Olds

Best Gifts for 5 Year Olds

Welcome to the fabulous world of the five-year-old where fairy tales and adventure reigns. Five year olds live deeply in their fantasy play and this magical spirit often carries them gracefully through their day to day as well. For 5-year-olds, the world is just waiting to be explored!

At this exciting age, children are full of curiosity, creativity, and boundless energy. The best gifts for five year olds are ones that emphasize their love of learning and help encourage them to explore the world in more elaborate ways through storytelling, building, moving their bodies, and discovering the magic of the natural world. We've curated a selection of gifts for five year olds designed to fuel their imagination and foster growth.

Best Gifts for 5 Year Olds


Wooden Tree Branch Eco Blocks

These natural tree branch blocks evoke the woods and magical world of fairies and gnomes. These classic Waldorf blocks are cut from branches and the natural and organic textures of the wood are nourishing to a child's senses. Each block set is as unique as the trees they are created from, thereby making for a unique and lasting gift for a 5 year old to make magical forts and buildings for their small world play.

DIY Cork Boat Kit

Set sail to their imaginations with this ideal gift for 5 year olds that combines the fun of a small sail boat with a craft kit. This easy to assemble cork boat allows young sailors to add their own natural elements and make a unique vessel to sail on a small body of water. A perfect family craft activity! 

Fairytale Spinner Game

Since children at this age are beginning to learn about storytelling and have an innate love for magic, this game makes a perfect gift for 5 year olds. Players spin to determine the components of their unique fairy tale.Once they've collected all  the necessary elements (scene, hero, magical helper, rival, etc.), they tell the story that the elements they've collected suggest. 

Mandala Wooden Rainbow Eggs

As life continues to speed up for 5 year olds, allowing for lots of time for quiet  play is vital. This beautiful mandala set from Grapat will inspire  creative and meditative play activities. The simple design of this wooden mandala  set is wonderfully free of rules and instructions and encourages open-ended play while demonstrating pattern recognition, color identification, and hand-eye coordination. This wooden rainbow mandala set makes a great gift for 5 year olds and will become a part of their loose part play and small world play. 

Northern Coast Playsilks

5 year olds love playing dress up and building forts and creating elaborate play set ups, all things that playsilks allow and encourage. Our beautiful Bella Luna Toys Northern Coast Playsilks are a rich colorway that harkens to the Maine coast with colors that denote the sea and sky and forests. Wrap presents in these lustrous silks or create a bundle to make a perfect gift for a 5 year old. 

Classic Children's Bicycle

Is there a more quintessential birthday gift or holiday gift than a first bicycle? With this beautiful and sturdy classic bicycle, your five year old will be cruising in no time. We love these Banwood bikes for their incredible craftmanship and durability, not to mention their lovely design. Put a bow on this beautiful bike and give the gift of a lifetime of bike riding to your 5 year old. 

Wooden Tea Set

Tea parties with teddies and dolls and special friends is an absolute for 5 year olds. Children at this age have become masters of creating imaginary worlds and this natural and neutral wood tea set will allow creativity to steep. This beautiful solid wood tea set will be pouring imaginary tea for years of play and makes a delightful gift for a 5 year old. 

Large Ammonite Snail – Wooden Puzzle Building Blocks

As 5 year olds begin to understand shapes and play with more complex puzzles, this beautiful geometric puzzle from Grimm's Spiel & Holz makes a lovely gift that will grow with them. The 23 colorful blocks in a shell-shaped spiral are housed within a wooden frame to inspire hours of creative play as children create a multitude of different shapes and figures outside of the frame. The sensory experience of the natural wood and bright colors are appealing to children of all ages.

Wooden Motor Mechanic Car Repair Set

Pop the hood, change the oil, and get ready to fix it all up! This is one of those toys that you will wish you had when you were little. A perfect gift for 5 year olds who love cars and fixing things, this incredibly detailed Car Repair Set from Plan Toys will encourage kids to learn all about fixing cars and motors with tons of realistic features. 

At Bella Luna Toys, we understand the importance of gifts that both entertain and inspire young minds. From choosing the perfect birthday gift, special occasion gift, holiday gift, or just because gift, we aim to help you navigate the wonderful choices to find the best gifts that both entertain and inspire young minds.

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