Best Gifts for 6 Year Olds

Best Gifts for 6 Year Olds

Choosing gifts for a 6 year old is almost as exciting as being with a 6 year old! Children at this age are eager to engage with the world around them, and are experiencing what is known in the Waldorf pedagogy, as the six-year transformation. This developmental shift is likened to a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, as everything begins to change for 6 year olds, from the way they see, interact with, and make sense of the world around them.

Finding gifts that will nurture imagination, develop new learning skills, and explore the natural world are all perfect gifts for 6 year olds. From rainbow kites and board games to outdoor toys that promote physical activity, our collection offers a variety of toys that encourage building, creating, and exploring. Celebrate the joy of childhood with gifts for 6 year olds that inspire curiosity and foster imagination and will last for years of play. 

Gifts for 6 Year Olds

Far Out Bubbles Giant Bubble Set

These bubbles are so magical that kids and grown ups never get tired of making them! And when we say giant, we really mean it. This bubble set is a great gift for any special occasion and makes a perfect 6 year old party favor or 6 year old gift for a friend as well. Because the more bubbles everyone can make together, the merrier! 

Kids Pocket Rainbow Kite

Go fly a kite gains new meaning with this easy to pack and take along kite that allows kids to fly kites all by themselves. And we know how 6 year olds love to do things themselves! This is one of our bestselling items at Bella Luna Toys for its sheer ease, durability, and fearless flying capabilities. A perfect smaller gift to tuck in a basket, a stocking, or to bring to a birthday party, this kite is a great gift for 6 year olds.

Wildcraft! Herbal Adventure Cooperative Board Game

Working together is an important and fun challenge for 6 year olds and with this cooperative game, the only way to win is by helping each other out. This wildly original game teaches kids about the 25 most important edible and medicinal plants and their uses in mostly first aid situations. A great game for developing teamwork, memory, and learning, all skills that make this beautiful and unique game a great gift for 6 year olds.

Sprint Labyrinth Balance Board

Rock, roll, and find a path for the marbles with this ingenious balance board that makes a perfect gift for 6 year olds. The Sprint Labyrinth Balance Board encourages kids to develop balance, movement, and strength building. As kids focus on sliding the three enclosed balls along the grooved maze of the labyrinth, they will be so deeply engaged that they won't even realize how much coordination and strength they are developing!

Pentatonic Wooden Flute

This quintessential Waldorf gift is a perfect way to celebrate the transformation of the six year old. Made from lovely hardwood, this pentatonic flute is characterized by a warm, light, flexible tone which is the hallmark of the pentatonic scale. Rudolf Steiner recommended pentatonic music for the young child because of the ethereal and dreamy sound produced. This beautifully hand crafted flute is easy to hold and learn and is a great introduction to Waldorf musical education.

Swurfer Tree Swing

This is truly a gift that the whole family will enjoy as they head to this innovative and revolutionary swing to "surf" the air! Swingers stand on the curved board, hold on to the adjustable hand grips, and rock the swing side to side or partake in the endless amount of soaring tricks that are possible. Hang the swurfer from a backyard tree or from a porch rafter with the included 60 feet of high-strength rope and watch everyone soar! 

1001 Nights Wooden Building Blocks Set

Journey to a magical world of imagination with this beautiful wooden building set from Grimm's Spiel & Holz. This perfect gift for 6 year olds is inspired by the age old tale of the 1001 Nights and children will delight in the bright and bold colors and beautifully formed shapes to create elaborate buildings and palaces. A great addition to small world play, children can add even more wonder and mystery by incorporating objects such as play silks, glass stones and small dolls.

Waldorf Birthday Silk Cape

This beautifully hand-dyed silk rainbow cape makes a lovely gift for 6 year olds who are learning about the "rainbow bridge" from the traditional Waldorf birthday story. In many Waldorf kindergarten classes, a child will wear a Rainbow Cape, just like this one, on their birthday. Donning the birthday cape marks the beginning of the child's own very special day!

Counting with Colors Wooden Number Chart

We believe that this wooden counting set from Grimm's Spiel & Holz might just be the most beautiful math-learning tool ever created and makes a great gift for 6 year olds that will spark their love of learning and early math. This number chart  features 200 colorful number and symbol tiles which can be arranged within the included frame or taken out and used to solve basic arithmetic, create multiplication tables, identify prime numbers, and generate checksums -- making this a beautiful and versatile tool for teaching math. 

We hope this gift guide helps you choose just the right gifts for the special child you are shopping for. Don't forget to share your play with us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and using the hashtag #bellalunatoys

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