Create a Waldorf Window Transparency to Celebrate Earth

Create a Waldorf Window Transparency to Celebrate Earth

Earth Month has almost come to an end, but for all of us at Bella Luna Toys, Earth Month is every month, and Earth Day is every day. To celebrate our beautiful home, join us to create a Waldorf window transparency with kite paper.

Waldorf window transparency of a tree with its roots on a grassy hill with blue pond and sunshine

Download this Waldorf Window Transparency template here

Gather Materials

Outline template of Earth Day Waldorf window transparency of a tree above ground and it's roots below

Design and Cut Out Transparency Elements

1. Print the transparency template onto cardstock or thick, sturdy paper such as watercolor painting paper. Cut out the template with your X-Acto knife. The dotted lines show where to place different colored kite paper, and you can add as much detail with kite paper as you like. 

2. Trace this frame onto a piece of paper and use to sketch a draft of your design. 

3. Lay your kite paper over this draft and trace the elements you'll need. Make sure to leave enough edge so each piece of kite paper can overlap and stick together. Cut all of these elements out.

Waldorf window transparency template of a tree and it's roots laying on top of a piece of golden yellow kite paper with a pencil next to it

Assemble Transparency Design

4. The first pieces of kite paper you glue to the frame should be the pieces that will be in the front of the design. First add the green kite paper to create the top of the tree and the dark blue to create the pond. Then glue any flowers or grass designs you created to the large piece of green paper representing the grassy hill. Then glue together the white clouds on light blue sky background. Piece together the orange and yellow kite paper to create the sun.

5. Once you have these elements together, glue them onto the frame. Press very gently with the glue, the kite paper is fragile and tears easily. 

The back of a waldorf window transparency half way complete

6. Turn your design over and assess. You can add more details either on top or on the back of the kite paper already in place depending on whether you want it to be a bright, crisp detail or one that blends into the background more. 

7. Run your glue around the edges of the template to ensure all of the pieces are kite paper are positioned and stuck. 

8. Use a small piece of tape to hang your transparency in the window.

Waldorf Window transparency to celebrate the Earth featuring a black outline of a tree and it's roots on a grassy hill with a pond below, a light blue sky with white wispy clouds and an orange and yellow sunshine.

The small details in the roots of this transparency frame are delicate and take a steady hand, be patient with yourself as you cut it out! Enjoy the creativity of making different flowers and natural elements to surround the tree. 

Now you've created a beautiful, serene Waldorf Window Transparency to highlight your love of nature and Planet Earth. Help us keep the Earth Month energy going throughout the rest of the year! We can't wait to see your beautiful creations, share them with us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and use the hashtag #bellalunatoys. Happy creating!

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