Grimm's Gift Guide

Grimm's Gift Guide

The wooden toys from Grimm's Spiel & Holz of Germany celebrate the wonders of open-ended play in every way. A Grimm’s toy will be enjoyed for many years by babies, toddlers and children, and be a beautiful object of art for your home for years to come. The expert toymakers at Grimm’s use hand-stained and natural dyes which make every Grimm’s toy unique.

Here at Bella Luna Toys, we love these wonderous toys. Giving them as gifts at the holidays is giving the gift of creative thinking and imaginative play. These toys will be played with for years and years, and may one day be passed on to a future generation, and what a special gift that is! Today we have gathered our very favorite Grimm's toys for different ages and different play.

Two children sit in front of a Christmas tree, stacking wooden Grimm's rainbow boxes next to a stacking rainbow

Grimm's For Ball Run Builders

Here is an all-encompassing set that can be used to build an endless variety of different ball runs. When they're done with ball runs, these sets can be used to build and stack for all sorts of different play. All of the toys listed are offered in Rainbow and Pastel, and many are also available in Natural wood.

Group of Grimm's wooden toys for building ball runs

Large Wooden 12 Piece Rainbow

Rainbow Semi-Circle Building Set

Grimm’s Wooden Stepped Roofs Blocks Set

Wooden Building Boards

Rainbow Small Wooden Balls

If you’d like to keep the balls organized, the Rainbow Sorting Board is perfect for easy clean up and storage.

Here is another set including blocks that can be used to build a myriad of ball runs. Building ball runs is a fun challenge for children and the whole family, promoting imaginative thinking, STEM learning, and plenty of trial and error!

Rainbow Stacking Bridges

Large Stepped Pyramid

Large Wooden 12 Piece Rainbow 

Rainbow Semi-Circle Building Set

Fun extras for more advanced ball run builders:

Wooden Sloping Blocks

Leonardo Sticks

Grimm's For Babies

Group of Grimm's toys specifically for babies

Wooden Rainbow Beads Grasper

Wooden Fish Baby Rattle

Set of Pastel Pocket Babies

Large Rainbow Wooden Nesting Cubes

Wooden Rainbow Rolling Wheel

Otto the Elephant Wooden Pull Toy

Rainbow Nesting Bowls

Rainbow Wooden Cubes – 36 Blocks With Tray

Grimm's For Toddlers

A collection of Grimm's toys chosen for a gift guide for toddlers

Wooden Rainbow Bowls Sorting Game

Wooden Rainbow Stacking Tower

Wooden Land Yacht and Four Peg Friends

Small Yellow Convertible Wooden Toy Car

Wooden Nesting Bridges

Water Waves Nesting Blocks

7 Rainbow Wooden Peg Dolls in Bowls

Rainbow Nesting Houses

Grimm's for Preschoolers

Collection of Grimm's toys grouped as a gift guide for preschool aged children

Large Wooden Rainbow Tunnel - Rainbow or Natural

Semi-Circles Building Set - Rainbow or Natural

Wooden Heart Blocks

Large Wooden Rollers

These large wooden rollers combined with the Forest Building Set below make for excellent castle tower building.

Wooden Forest Building Set

Wooden Stairway Building Blocks Set

Little Flower Nesting Blocks

Four Elements Puzzle Blocks Set - Large

 Grimm's For School Aged Children 

Group of Grimm's toys in a gift guide for school aged children

Wooden Train Building Set

This train set is a fantastic addition to any block collection. It comes with two sets of wheels and a myriad of different blocks to create the train cars. Many of these blocks are open to create space for peg friends to ride, but that also allows these blocks to be used separate from the train. They become food troughs for animals, stacked sideways as shelves, buckets to carry treasures, the possibilities are endless! 

Leonardo Building Sticks

Arcs in Squares Building Set

If you have an avid ball run builder, or a dynamic architecture builder, this block set is an awesome way to give them new styles to build with. Many ball runs can be made with these blocks alone, in the tray they come in! Combine this set with the Stairway Building Set or another large Grimm's block set and you can come up with endless different ball run builds. 

Magnetic Wooden Puzzle – Rainbow Wheel

Mini Wooden Pastel Rainbow Stacker

Color Chart Rally Wooden Block Set

For The Nature Table

gift guide showing gifts to be used on a waldorf nature table, family gifts

Waldorf Celebration Ring

Seasonal Festivity Stand

Yellow Star Candle Holder

Birthday Ring Decoration - Star

Birthday Ring Decoration - Moon

Birthday Ring Decoration - Angel

Birthday Ring Decoration - Goose

Birthday Ring Decoration - Snowman

Birthday Ring Decoration - Elf

Brass Candle Holder for Birthday Ring

Dark Green Branch Candle and Decoration Holder

Several Grimm's wooden toys in front of a Christmas tree

Our friends at Grimm's Spiel & Holz are expert toymakers who create toys that engage the whole child - head, hands, and heart. These toys are made to last and will be played with from babyhood, childhood and into adulthood. They are certainly not just for kids! Allow yourself the opportunity to sit on the floor to play and build with your child. Those memories will be the best gifts you could give. 

Shop the entire Grimm's selection at Bella Luna Toys here.

We hope this gift guide helps you choose the best Grimm's gifts for your family. We are looking forward to seeing all the play and smiles after the gift giving is finished! Don't forget to tag us @BellaLunaToys and use the hashtag #bellalunatoys to share the holiday magic!

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