Spring into April with 30 Fun Family Activities

Spring into April with 30 Fun Family Activities

Spring is here in full swing! Longer days are here once more and the warming weather is welcoming us to spend more time outdoors. With our April calendar, we are encouraging everyone to soak up the sun and appreciate this beautiful planet! Fly a kite, have an Easter egg hunt, celebrate Earth Day and so much more!

You can print off the calendar to hang in your home or follow along on social media every day!

1 Tell a silly joke

2 Fly a kite

3 Throw a frisbee

Handmade Ukranian Pysanky eggs | Bella Luna Toys

4 Make pysanky eggs

5 Go on a picnic

6 Bake brownies

7 Go on a bug hunt

8 Make a mosaic

Make a flower crown | Bella Luna Toys

9 Craft a flower crown

10 Go on a bike ride

11 Dye Easter eggs

12 Make a DIY boat

13 Play Gathering a Garden Game

Making a Stockmar Block Crayon Drawing | Bella Luna Toys

14 Make a Block Crayon Drawing

15 Craft a cardboard castle

16 Have an Easter egg hunt

Easter Basket | Bella Luna Toys

17 Happy Easter!

18 Learn about the ocean

19 Plant some seeds 

20 Celebrate Earth Day

21 Pick up some trash

22 Learn about honeybees 

23 Go birdwatching 

24 Make some recycled paper 

Mandala Chalkscapes | Bella Luna Toys

25 Make a chalk mandala 

26 Churn butter 

27 Craft a spring fairy 

Grimm's Wooden Toys Ball Run | Bella Luna Toys

28 Construct a ball run 

29 Make spring paper chains 

30 Go on a barefoot walk 

Are you enjoying the warmer weather as much as we are? Make sure you tag us @bellalunatoys when you post your springtime fun! Happy Spring!

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