The Best Gifts for 3 Year Olds

The Best Gifts for 3 Year Olds

Few things are more fun than giving a little one a gift that will make their eyes light up and will brighten their play and learning for years to come. Finding that special gift that will last and be a part of a child’s growth and play for many years is a lovely way to add joy and make a mark on your child, grandchildren, or loved ones.

Gifts for 3 year olds, highlight more in-depth imaginative play, role playing, and celebrate the emergence of storytelling. At this magical age, children are bursting with curiosity and creativity, ready to dive into the world of play and discovery. 3-year-olds are beginning to imitate the adults around them, so giving them toys that encourage them to roleplay what they see in the household are wonderful choices. From beautiful hand-crafted dollhouses to wooden stacking toys, gifts for 3 year olds will be a vital part of the toy rotation for several more years of creative play.

The Best Toys for 3 Year Olds

Classic Wooden Play Kitchen

As the three-year-old begins to eagerly explore their imaginative world, they take cues from real life. A play kitchen is a toy that will lead to years of creative play and will encourage endless imaginative scenarios. From feeding their dolls to making their everyone sit for a tea party, this beautifully crafted wooden kitchen is built to provide all that little chefs need in a natural and classic design. A perfect gift for a 3 year old, our Bella Luna Toys kitchen will be cooking imaginary meals for years to come. 

Thimbleberry Cottage Classic Wooden Dollhouse

With the emergence of language and storytelling, a dollhouse makes a truly perfect gift for 3 year olds. This beautiful wooden Waldorf-style dollhouse is a Bella Luna Toys original created to let imaginary play take root and blossom. This cozy little home will be a magical space for fairies, gnomes, and wooden peg dolls and when play is finished children can use the sturdy handle to place the cottage back on the shelf where it will add beauty and a natural warmth to their play space. 

12 Piece Wooden Rainbow Stacking Tunnel

Welcome the wonders of the rainbow stacking tunnel! This versatile wooden toy is an ideal gift for 3 year olds that will transform their play for years of open-ended play scenarios. Made in Germany from Grimm's Spiel & Holz, this stacking tunnel can be a bridge, a roadway, houses, and landscapes, the list goes on and on. Read more on the Moon Child Blog about 10 Ways to Play with a Grimm's Rainbow to understand the indispensable nature of this toy! 

Heavy Baby Weighted Waldorf Doll

Huggable, soothing to the senses, weighted for reassurance and grounding, cuddly and warm, these are just a few of the reasons why we love these heavy babies. The combination of wool stuffing, which warms the longer a child holds the baby, and the weight, gives the feel of holding a real baby and encourages empathy and nurturing. A Waldorf heavy baby doll is a perfect gift for a 3 year old that will last throughout their entire childhood adding soothing cuddles and love. 

Wooden Toy Airplane

Toys that fly, roll, and whirl are favorite gifts for 3 year olds and this beautifully crafted wooden airplane does all three. Made in Maine from solid hardwood, this plane even has a daring pilot wearing a red scarf. A great gift for preparing a child for their first flight or for plane and car obsessed kids to add to their transportation toy collection.

Nins In The Woods Storytelling Set

This delightful storytelling set from Grapat, makes a great gift for 3 year olds who are embarking on early storytelling adventures and small world play set ups. Kids will love putting the gnome hats on and taking them off the nins and tucking them into their little sleeping bags. This sweet wooden play set can be easily added to any wooden toy collection to enhance imaginative play for years to come. 

Wooden Play Ramp Slide

Not every day is a playground day but 3 year olds love and need to move. With this wooden slide and play ramp, toddlers who are rapidly becoming more confident physically can initiate movement activities in the playroom. This beautifully crafted slide can also be incorporated into imaginative play and transform into a race track, a fort, and so much more. 

Stockmar Modeling Beeswax

Modeling is an essential part of Waldorf education which continues to get more and more elaborate as children grow. This set of modeling beeswax makes a great gift for 3 year olds to set them on the creative handwork path. Modeling beeswax provides a sensory-rich explorative activity that will nurture their imagination while also enhancing hand strength to prepare children to hold pencils and scissors and engage in other small motor tasks. 

Organic Seagull Warming Pillow

The world of the 3 year old can be busy but there is still much need for downtime and snuggles. This steady companion from Senger can be warmed to provide a soothing and cozy cuddle partner when it's time to wind down. Made from organic materials, this seagull will also play a role in imaginative play and soar for years of love and friendship.

Moss Agate Magical Silk Dress Up Set

Adding some beautiful costumes to a dress up closet is an ideal gift for 3 year olds and our collection of Northern Coast dress up clothes feature soft, luxurious silk capes, wands, and a reversible crown. As children dress up they enhance their social skills, their ability to empathize, problem-solve and so much more. Read more about the benefits of dress up play, as this is a gift that will keep on giving! 

At Bella Luna, we believe there is always a good time for a gift, whether it’s a birthday, a special celebration, a holiday, or just because, few things are more fun than giving a little one a gift that will make their eyes light up and will brighten their play and learning for years to come. We are so grateful to be a part of these special moments and hope this gift guide helped to choose a just-right gift.

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