The Best Gifts for 4 Year Olds

The Best Gifts for 4 Year Olds

Eager and bright! The world of the 4 year old is filled with exploration and at this age, children are ready to embark on new adventures and dive into the wonders of play. The world of play opens up considerably for this age and so does the sheer volume of amazing toys to give them. The best gifts for 4 year olds are toys that will carry their imaginations forward, ignite a love of learning, and get them moving.

Choosing toys that will grow with them and keep them engaged through the preschool years to last into the school age years is a great gift strategy. From imaginative wooden building playsets, outdoor toys, and dress up play, these gifts for 4 year olds are designed to inspire and delight, ensuring years of playtime enjoyment. Celebrate the joy of childhood with gifts that spark imagination and ignite curiosity in your 4 year old.

Best Gifts for 4 Year Olds

Large Stepped Pyramid

A quintessential Waldorf classic, the Grimm's pyramid blocks can be used for learning math concepts, exploring patterns in size and color and used for creative building. They form a foundational block system for all kinds of block play as well as serving as an introduction to math concepts. This gift for 4 year olds will be in their toy rotation for years of creative learning and open-ended play. 

Soft Silk Sword

Slay the dragon and save the kingdom with this sturdy but soft, silk sword from Sarah's Silks. A great addition to Michaelmas celebrations, this sword will promote imaginative play and encourage movement, making it a great gift for 4 year olds who love action, adventure, and want to incorporate some magic into their play.

Wooden Magnifying Glass

Little explorers will love to look closely at all the wonders of nature with this wooden magnifying glass. A great addition to a nature table or steady companion for hikes and outdoor classrooms, this outdoor tool is a perfect gift to tuck in a basket, stocking, or to have as a party favor gift for 4 year olds.

Kalimba Thumb Piano

This classic thumb piano is a great gift for 4 year olds who are beginning to understand music, rhythm, and patterns. A part of the Waldorf collection of Pentatonic instruments, this thumb piano is an easy one to start learning and will grow with your child as they master the keys and simple songs.

Grimm’s River Pebbles Wooden Blocks

These wooden river pebble blocks from Grimm's Spiel & Holz are just as beautiful to use as a display on a play shelf as in a play set up. Their smooth round surfaces are lovely to hold in one's hand for sensory play and make a perfect rock to stack up in a pretend river made from playsilks. A lovely gift for a 4 year old that will be played with in a variety of ways for many years. 

Field of Flowers Swing Bolga Basket

Let your little ones fill up their basket with all the goodies they can gather. These gorgeous handmade custom baskets are made for us exclusively in Ghana. The handles are just right for small hands and will give children a perfect spot to tuck their treasures. A lovely basket to fill with gifts or as to give on its own. 

Beeswax Crayons

These beautifully smooth Stockmar beeswax make a lovely gift for a 4 year old who is just beginning to make their own masterpieces. With their vivid colors and pleasant fragrance, Stockmar Crayons are soothing to a child's senses. The quality of these crayons is outstanding ensuring they won't crumble, smudge, or stick, and they are safety-tested and non-toxic.  

Basic Wooden Toy Truck

Every 4 year old needs a good sturdy wooden truck to play with and this beauty is made in Germany, assembled without nails or screws and joined together with dowels and glue. Made to last for years of digging, this is a perfect gift for a 4 year old who loves trucks and transportation play. 

Small Wooden Treehouse Dolls House

For 4 year olds, creative play is what nourishes their development at this stage and playing with a dollhouse encourages all kinds of imagination, storytelling, and role play. We love this treehouse dollhouse and how it seems to immediately invite the fairies and gnomes to come and play. With lots of room to play with friends, this rustic dollhouse makes a signature gift for a 4 year old that will be in play for years.

Basic Wooden Building Block Set

 At Bella Luna Toys, we believe every child should have a solid set of blocks to play with as a foundational open-ended toy. Building with blocks develops so many amazing benefits and this beautiful sustainably-sourced block set from HABA makes a perfect gift for a 4 year old to build on. 

We hope this gift guide helps you choose just the right gifts for the special child you are shopping for. Don't forget to share your play with us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and using the hashtag #bellalunatoys

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