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Building Blocks for Every Age

Building Blocks are a must-have toy for children of every age, and the best part is a block collection can grow with your child over the years. In the early days playing with blocks helps solidify concepts like cause and effect while developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination. As they grow, so do the possibilities and uses for wooden blocks. Here are some tips on choosing the right building blocks for your child.

A child stacking Uncle Goose Classic Alphabet Blocks

Baby's First Building Blocks: Ages 6 months to 2 years

When you're choosing your child's first set of wooden building blocks focus on simplicity. Look for a set of lightweight cubes that can be easily grasped by small hands and are safe for them to put in their mouths. There's no need for huge sets with a hundred blocks, their primary focus will be building small towers and knocking them down again and again. 

Our Favorite Blocks for Babies and Toddlers:

Haba Baby's First Blocks The bright colors of this 12 cube set will capture a baby's attention and encourage them to explore. The perfect size for little hands! Place them in a basket on a low shelf for an invitation to play.

Haba Baby's First Blocks in a small basket


Haba Baby's First Blocks set building blocks for 1 year olds

Classic Wooden Alphabet Blocks with Wagon Handcrafted in the United States, these heirloom-quality blocks will last for years and years. As your child grows they will begin to recognize the animals and letters on the blocks and eventually be able to spell simple words. The wagon is a great storage solution and toddlers will enjoy putting the blocks in and taking them out again. 

Uncle Goose Classic Alphabet Blocks stacked on a shelf


Uncle Goose Classic Alphabet Blocks in wagon

Branching Out: Building Blocks for Ages 3 to 5 Years

Preschoolers can use blocks in an endless number of ways. Their imaginations turn these simple pieces of wood into houses, roads, castles and more. Larger block sets help them expand on this creative play and broaden their building horizons.

Our Favorite Blocks for Preschoolers:

Haba Basic Building Blocks Small Starter Set are made in Europe from sustainably harvested beech-wood. With the addition of cylinders, triangles and arches your child's building skills will grow, and because these are standard unit blocks they will also integrate seamlessly with other Haba block sets when it's time to expand your collection.

Haba Basic Building Blocks Small Starter Set


Haba Basic Building Blocks Small Starter Set


Tegu Magnetic Blocks inspire endless imagination for children and adults of all ages. The magnets embedded inside of the wooden blocks help towers and buildings stay together until they're ready to be put away. Tegu magnetic wooden blocks come in different sizes including travel-sized Pocket Pouch sets that are perfect for car rides.

Tegu Magnetic Blocks 42 piece

Tegu Magnetic Blocks Pocket Pouch

Building Blocks for Little Engineers: Ages 6+

Builds become bigger and more elaborate as children master the concepts of balance and symmetry. School-aged children may be interested in building small worlds for their figures to explore or more technical ball and marble runs, so tailoring your selection to your child's interests will be the key to deciding which blocks are best.

Our Favorite Blocks for Big Kids:

Wooden Tree Branch Eco Blocks and Wooden Tree Branch Blocks are classic Waldorf toys. The natural shapes and textures inspire children to get creative with their building. Perfect for creating an elaborate fairy cottage or towering gnome treehouse!

A child plays with a peg doll at stacked up Eco Blocks.


Magic Wood Eco Blocks Tree Branch Building Blocks

Grimm's Color Chart Rally building blocks set are a great option for children interested in engineering their own ball runs and other creative builds. Stack them up like dominos or create an elaborate track for a marble to roll along. This vibrant set pairs perfectly with other Grimm's Wooden Toy sets and the unmatched quality will last for generations.

Grimm's Color Chart Rally Building Blocks Set


Grimm's Wooden Toys Color Chart Rally Building Blocks set

Our love for all types of blocks and building is endless. With so many ways to play and learn with building blocks, there's no wonder they are a childhood staple. What do you and your children love to build with blocks? 

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  • Aishwariya

    As a parent and an avid supporter of open-ended play, I must say that Sarah Baldwin’s article on “Building Blocks for Every Age” truly resonated with me. It’s heartwarming to see someone advocating for the timeless appeal of building blocks as a means of nurturing creativity and development in children. Building blocks have been a staple in childhood play for generations, and their significance in fostering imagination and cognitive skills cannot be overstated.

    Baldwin’s insights into the different stages of play and the appropriate building blocks for each age group are invaluable. Understanding that the needs and interests of a child change as they grow is essential in providing them with enriching play experiences. I have witnessed firsthand how my own children have progressed from simple stacking to more complex creations, evolving their storytelling and problem-solving abilities along the way.

    While traditional building blocks hold a special place in our hearts, I couldn’t help but feel intrigued by the recommendation to try something new – the Sakara 3D Building Block Toy. The claim of it being the world’s first 3-dimensional building block toy instantly caught my attention, and I found myself eagerly exploring the Sakara website to learn more.

    What captivated me about the Sakara toy is the innovative approach it brings to building play. Its 3-dimensional nature opens up endless possibilities for imaginative structures and designs. By encouraging kids to think beyond the constraints of two-dimensional block play, the Sakara toy seems like the perfect catalyst to unlock boundless creativity.

    I am particularly impressed with how the Sakara toy combines education and fun seamlessly. It appears to provide an excellent platform for developing spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and fine motor abilities, all while inspiring hours of enjoyment.

    As a parent, I am constantly seeking ways to introduce new and stimulating activities to my children, and I genuinely believe that the Sakara 3D Building Block Toy could be the next big hit in our household. Embracing both the time-tested classics and innovative new additions to the world of toys can lead to a holistic and fulfilling play experience for our children.

    Thank you, Sarah Baldwin, for sharing your wisdom on building blocks, and thank you for introducing us to the fascinating world of Sakara. As parents, it is our duty to provide our children with the tools and opportunities to learn, grow, and create, and I am excited to witness the wonders that these 3D building blocks can unfold in their young minds.

    In conclusion, let’s cherish the foundations laid by traditional building blocks while embracing the new dimensions of play with Sakara. Our children are the architects of tomorrow, and by fostering their creativity and imagination today, we are shaping a brighter and more innovative future for all.

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