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A Gnome-in-Training: Tales of Limindoor Woods - Book 5

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A Gnome-in-Training is the much-anticipated final book in the series "The Tales of Limindoor Woods" by Sieglinde de Francesca.

Spring has come to the magic realm of Limindoor Woods, and with a new season brings lessons in friendship and generousity.

This charming conclusion to the Limindoor Woods series is a mysterious and magical story as we follow young Gus as he discovered the joys of life in a community where friendship and generosity matter most.

This is a sequential chapter book to be shared with children ages 6 and up, or read alone by independent readers.

To read the full "Limindoor Woods" series (beloved for years by our customers), we recommend reading the books in the following order: 

Paperback; 194 pages. Recommended for ages 6 and up.


Sieglinde De Francesca has spent more than 40 years as an artist, Waldorf teacher, consultant, storyteller, and author. In addition to authoring the "Tales of Limindoor Woods" book series, she is also the author of A Donsy of Gnomes and our bestselling Coloring With Block Crayons book.

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