The Gnomes' Rosette by Sieglinde De Francesca

The Gnomes' Rosette by Sieglinde De Francesca

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The Gnomes' Rosette is the eagerly-awaited third volume in our popular Tales of Limindoor Woods series by Sieglinde De Francesca. It recounts the further adventures of the gnomes of Limindoor Woods in a delightful and surprising story of loving kindness.

The season of autumn has come to the enchanted Limindoor Woods. The gnomes quickly learn that it is a time of preparation, celebration and change as they experience the bittersweet Cycle of Life and the arrival of a new friend whose actions confirm the power of love.

This is a sequential chapter book of stories to read aloud with children ages 6 and up, or read alone by independent readers.

Gnome lovers should see also:

  • The Way of the Gnome and Gnomes & Friends which are the first two books in the series.
  • A Donsy of Gnomes is a collection of seven stories that serve as a prequel to the Tales of Limindoor Woods series. It introduces the gnomes of Limindoor Woods and takes place in the modern day.

Paperback; 244 pages.


Sieglinde De Francesca has been a Waldorf teacher for more than 30 years. She is the author of our bestselling Coloring With Block Crayons book and DVD set.

  • SIZE : 10 x 6 x 0.5 inches
  • ORIGIN : Made in United States
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