A young boy is planting flowers in a terracotta planter.

31 Days of March Activities Calendar

Get ready for a month packed with excitement, adventure, and learning as we embark on a journey filled with fun activities for kids! From creative crafts to outdoor adventures, our March Activity Calendar is designed to spark imagination, promote exploration, and create unforgettable memories.

Download the Printable March Activity Calendar Here

A March Activity calendar.

Let's Get Started

March 1 - Make a Spring Window Transparency

There are many telltale signs of spring when you look out your window. The grass turns green, crocuses sprout out of the ground and birds chirp and poke out of their nests. Celebrate the magic of the season ahead with your very own spring windows - regardless if those first signs of spring are there yet or not! Find the tutorial HERE.

Spring window transparency diy guide

March 2 - Bake Spring Flower Shortbread Cookies

We reached out to KC in search of a recipe that was inspired by the season, but also easy enough for little hands to help with. These shortbread cookies check all the boxes: one bowl, press-in shortbread cookies that children will love to help making! Find the recipe HERE.

Springtime shortbread flower cookie recipe

March 3 - Go on a Spring Nature Walk

Take some time to explore the sunshine today! Go on a nature walk and see what treasures you can find.

March 4 - Fold a Waldorf Star Lantern

Looking to add a little light to your nature table? Fold a Waldorf inspired origami star lantern! This is a wonderful way to recycle old watercolor paintings and transform them into pieces of art that enliven mantles, window sills, dinner tables, desks, and more! These candle holders look beautiful no matter where they're placed. Find the tutorial HERE.

Waldorf folded star lantern

March 5 - Create a Springtime Fairy Home

Spring is just on the horizon and all of the fairies are coming out to play again! What better way to welcome more whimsical imaginative play than to construct a fairy house? We invited our friend and collaborator Leah Gaeddert to create a tutorial for the Fairy House Building Kit with her children. They spent a few afternoons curled up on the floor of their room, imaginations running wild and their mat covered in hot glue, sticks, and moss. Every morning her boys would wake up and ask, is it time to work on our fairy house yet? Find the tutorial HERE.

A springtime fairy house DIY craft

March 6 - Begin Planting Seeds in Cups

Summer will soon be here! Make sure your seeds are ready in time to be planted in the ground, by starting them now in cups.

March 7 - Draw Your Favorite Toys

Bring out the crayons, pencils and watercolors and have fun drawing your favorite toys! Imagine them in the forest, or maybe they're in a magical ocean world? The possibilities are endless for your little one!

March 8 - Have a Dance Party

Welcome back the sun with music that gets your dancing feet moving!

March 9 - Go to a Local Library or Event

The library is an amazing resource for discovering new books, activities and getting involved in the community. Visit your local library today and take advantage of this amazing resource!

March 10 - Decorate Wooden Eggs

Get ready to transform ordinary wooden eggs into Easter treasures using the charming art of découpage. With the help of colorful napkins, we'll bring these eggs to life with intricate designs and playful patterns. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, this activity promises fun and creativity for all ages. Find the tutorial HERE.

Decoupage wooden eggs craft

March 11 - Create a Mandala with Loose Parts

The amazing art of mandala making dates back centuries. This mindful practice is a wonderful way for children and adults to slow down, stretch their creative muscle and practice fine motor skills. Try these tips to get started! Find more information HERE. 

A loose parts mandala

March 12 - Create Watercolor Spring verses for Your Nature Table

Seasonal verses are a cherished part of Waldorf education, both in the classroom and at home. Today we are sharing some of our favorite spring verses and showing you how to create wet on wet watercolor cards to display on your nature table. Find the tutorial HERE.

Spring verses made with water color

March 13 - Learn About Birds and Bird Nests

Today take some time and discover the beautiful world of birds and nests! As spring unfolds all around us, celebrate the chirping of your favorite feathered friends! Need a little inspiration? Try our selection of A Year and a Day Magazines.

A year and a day magazine about birds and nests

March 14 - Have a Cup of Tea with a Good Book

Is there anything better than a cozy cup of tea and a good book? We don't think so! Take a moment today and snuggle up with the magical world of reading and see where the pages take you.

March 15 - Egg Dyeing with Floral Prints

This stunning egg dyeing tutorial finds inspiration in the likeliest of places - our own backyards! Find the tutorial HERE.

Floral Dyed easter eggs

March 16 - Give a Friend a Hug or a High Five

Sometimes all you need is a hug! Give a friend a hug or a high five today.

March 17 - Celebrate St. Patricks Day

From all of us here at Bella Luna Toys, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 18 - Make a Card for a Friend or Family Member

Today, try your hand at making your own card for a friend or family member. It can be for an upcoming birthday, or just to say hello!

March 19 - Make Kite Paper Flowers

Waldorf window stars are a beautiful craft to decorate windows with color. But, did you know it's not merely stars you can create with kite paper? There are endless designs to create out of the waxy, window star paper (kite paper and window star paper can be used interchangeably to call this type of paper), and today we share how to create tulips and daisies to welcome Spring. Create an entire garden right on your windows! Find the Tutorial HERE.

Kite paper flowers are on a window

March 20 - Make a Fresh Loaf of Bread

Dinner gets even better when there's a fresh loaf of bread ready to be eaten! Try your hand at baking up a loaf and see what yummy creation you can make.  

March 21 - Make Your Own Felt Leaf Treasure Pouch

There is so much to celebrate now that spring is here! The trees are in bloom, seedlings are sprouting and fresh soil is ready for planting. This nature-inspired felt leaf craft is from our friend Hannah of Sunny Little Co. who created this tutorial just for our Bella Luna Toys community. Find the tutorial HERE.

A leaf shaped treasure pouch craft

March 22 - Say Hello to a Neighbor

Take a moment today to say hi to a neighbor!

March 23 - Volunteer at a Local Aid Center

Connect with your local community today and see how you can give back by volunteering at an aid center.

March 24 - Have a Slow Morning with a Pancake Breakfast

Take it slow today with a yummy pancake breakfast!

March 25 - Decorating Ukrainian Pysanky Inspired Eggs

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and there's a hint of spring in the air. For Cathy Heck and her family, this means egg decorating season is at hand! She has been creating Ukrainian inspired Pysanky eggs for many years now through dozens of egg-making sessions, some of which have turned into full blown Egg parties with friends and family. Find the tutorial HERE.

A decorated egg

March 26 - Play Dress Up with Playsilks

In most Waldorf classrooms, you will find a basket of playsilks. Many parents often seem confused at first by how a simple square of fabric can be a toy. These silks require seeing beyond what is right in front of you, a hallmark of open-ended toys. They require children to think creatively and expansively. Today we would like to share with you 50 ways to play with play silks to spark your imagination and help you dive into playsilk play. Read more HERE.

Two girls are playing with playsilks

March 27 - Have a Fun Family Game Night

This month is really about being together! There is almost no better way to connect than sitting down and playing a game that is fun for the whole family. Need a little inspiration? Browse our curated collection of games HERE.

A memory game sits on the table.

March 28 - Have a Calm Meditation Moment

Take a moment to slow down and meditate on things that you are grateful for today.

March 29 - Craft a Spring Chick & Treasure Egg

Cheep cheep! Do you hear that? It's the sound of spring! To bring some springtime cheer to your home, we have a very special craft created by Isabel of @thefeltedacorns! With this tutorial, you can make a fuzzy Easter egg with a fun surprise inside--a cute little chick. Add this little egg to a nature table or as a fun surprise in an Easter basket! Find the tutorial HERE.

A felted chick and egg craft

March 30 - Create a Watercolor Drawing

Bring out the watercolors and spend some time painting the day away!

Stockmar watercolor palette.

March 31 - Happy Easter

From all of us here at Bella Luna Toys, we hope you have a very Happy Easter!

A boy with bunny ears and playsilks sits on the ground.


From all of us at the Bella Luna Toys Team, we hope you have many days filled with crafts, love, and fresh cups of tea! Tag us in your March adventures @bellalunatoys for a chance to be featured!

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